Monday, May 2, 2016

Bapa's visit and a Dallas trip

My sweet college roommate got married in Dallas on April 9 and we knew we couldn't miss it. When my dad mentioned he had a business meeting in Dallas on April 10, we asked if he could please come a little earlier to hang out with Em while we went to the wedding. It was perfect! He actually came in to Austin a few days early and spent some extra time with us. Perfect.

Birthday dinner for Bapa and Uncle Josh
Little piggy!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Gallo! What a beautiful bride.
James was not entertained by the photo booth
He's spent. Ready to go. We tried. Seriously, such a gorgeous wedding!
The next day, we took Bapa to the Dallas World Aquarium as his birthday gift. Man, that place is cool! It was a little crowded (and slightly expensive) but we LOVED it and are so glad we went.
I think this was my favorite part. This guy was just too cool.
Bapa always gets the smiles
I feel like this is an accurate depiction of our daughter - just a blur.
The penguins were one of the only exhibits that she didn't want to move on from. She actually sat down and watched them for a long time.
My boys
She's now obsessed with flamingoes.
Also of note: this little sweetheart picked our night in the hotel to sleep the whole night through for the first time! 11 pm to 9 am. We woke up so confused and well rested. It was awesome.