Howdy! I'm Erika, He's Hans, and the little ones are Em and J. We are the Sweetings, est. 2009.

Well, actually, I guess you could say we "est. 2002" because that's when the hubs and I went on our first date. Ya know how people don't actually marry the kid they were dating in high school? Welp... we did. It took us seven years, a couple breaks to figure things out, and too much long distance before we finally "sealed" (see what I did there? eh, eh?) the deal in the San Antonio LDS Temple in October 2009.
Em (also "Punkito" or "Punkito Banana") joined us in February 2013 and she is the light of our lives. At five years old, she is a prolific and creative artist; diabolical at board games; runs everywhere she goes; and is currently obsessed with unicorns and flamingos. She's also a huge bookworm and is already trying to teach herself to read (but won't dare let me help her!) She's also a big goof and loves to make us laugh.

J ("Jame-boo" or "Jame-boy" or "Jame-face") arrived to the party in February 2016. A thumb-sucker deeply attached to his "Lovie," he's also a big fan of reading. His other favorite things are donuts and trucks. He's a sweet and cuddly boy how just wants to be near you.

We are currently expecting another girl to join our family at the end of Sept. 2018. Big sister was SUPER excited to be getting a sister - we were little afraid of what her reaction would have been had it turned out to be boy!

 We live in Austin, Texas in a bit of a fixer-upper house we bought back in 2010 and have been slowly (read: slower than a herd of elephants stampeding in mud) updating and making our own. You may see some of our DIY improvements here from time to time.

Hans works for a sales and lead generation company, but in his spare time loves to read (particularly Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan), putter with electronics and gadgets, and go bowling. He has a weird obsession with Ikea pencils and *must* have a bowl of cereal after dinner each night.

And me? After two years at a newspaper and four years as a communications director at a small nonprofit, I'm switching out my "career" hat for a mommy bonnet. Weird, right? I'm adjusting. In my "free time" (ha!), I run (even slower than the afore-mentioned herd of elephants), read (mostly historical fiction, think Philippa Gregory) and bake. I'm way into hand-lettering and graphic design and love to create little prints for the home.

If you're still reading, bonus points to you. I don't know what you can do with those points, but you got 'em. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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