Monday, October 19, 2015


Did anyone else notice that we had way more speakers than usual this time? I think I kind of mentally registered it while it was happening, thinking "This is great! We are hearing from EVERYONE!" but it didn't hit me how much more until I was putting together these printables. Usually there's 12, occasionally 13 per session. With the testimonies of the new apostles, there were 16 in the Sunday session. Which means - extra printable goodies for you! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy them.
Download all as one PDF
Carole M. Stephens (pdf) (jpg)
Henry B. Eyring (pdf) (jpg)
I love, love, love these watercolor ranunculus. You can get them yourself at Angie Makes.
Claudio R. M. Costa (pdf) (jpg)
Gary E. Stevenson (pdf) (jpg) 
Dale G. Renlund (pdf) (jpg)
Devin G. Durrant (pdf) (jpg)
Russell M. Nelson (pdf) (jpg)
D. Todd Christofferson (pdf) (jpg)
Isn't this tropical watercolor flower gorgeous? You can get it from Angie Makes, also.
Gregory A. Schwitzer (pdf) (jpg)
Koichi Aoyagi (pdf) (jpg)
Allen D. Haynie (pdf) (jpg)
Like the sun burst graphic in the background? Get it from Designs by Miss Mandee
Kim B. Clark (pdf) (jpg) 
President Thomas S. Monson (pdf) (jpg)
Ronald A. Rasband (pdf) (jpg)
Von G. Keetch (pdf) (jpg)
David A. Bednar (pdf) (jpg)
Like the hand drawn fall leaves? Get them from Designs by Miss Mandee

Sunday, October 11, 2015

2015 October General Conference Printables (Part I)

Well, hello there.

I'm still here. Just... still taking a bit of a break from blogging. I realized I was stressing myself out trying to keep up with my self-imposed schedule and the only person who really cared about it was me. Between being six months pregnant (and it not being an easy pregnancy) and potty training at crazy demon currently embracing "terrible twos" with zeal (not to mention a slew of other "fun" things going on), cutting out blogging has helped save some sanity.

So for conference this year, I wasn't really planning on doing printables again. But I was so incredibly inspired and moved by what I heard this year, I wanted to do these for myself. To print out and put on my bathroom mirror and remind myself every day of the things that I heard. And yeah, it was a good exercise in doing something creative and just for me, neither of which have happened much recently.

I'm trying hard to heed the words of President Uchtdorf. His Saturday morning talk hit home more than any other this conference. I loved his story about the woman killing herself to make a quilt that said "simplify." Definitely been guilty of that. The Gospel is beautiful in its simplicity. We make it hard when we make it complicated. Here's to making every day less complicated.

Feel free to print these and display them in your home or use them as handouts with lessons or visiting teaching. Enjoy!

Download all as one PDF
Dieter F. Uchtdorf (pdf) (jpg)
Francisco J. Vinas (pdf) (jpg)
Fall Leaves clip art from Designs by Miss Mandee
Bradley D. Foster (pdf) (jpg)
Flower clip art from Designs by Miss Mandee
M. Russell Ballard (pdf) (jpg
Quentin L. Cook (pdf) (jpg)
Neill F. Marriott (pdf) (jpg)
Floral overlays and elements from Craft a doodle doo
Robert D. Hales (pdf) (jpg)
Hand-drawn Lines from Designs by Miss Mandee
Richard J. Maynes (pdf) (jpg)
James B. Martino (pdf) (jpg)
Hand-drawn lines from Designs by Miss Mandee
Jeffrey R. Holland (pdf) (jpg)
Dallin H. Oaks (pdf) (jpg)
Larry R. Lawrence (pdf) (jpg
Vern P. Stanfill (pdf) (jpg)
Hugo Montoya (pdf) (jpg)