Monday, October 19, 2015


Did anyone else notice that we had way more speakers than usual this time? I think I kind of mentally registered it while it was happening, thinking "This is great! We are hearing from EVERYONE!" but it didn't hit me how much more until I was putting together these printables. Usually there's 12, occasionally 13 per session. With the testimonies of the new apostles, there were 16 in the Sunday session. Which means - extra printable goodies for you! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy them.
Download all as one PDF
Carole M. Stephens (pdf) (jpg)
Henry B. Eyring (pdf) (jpg)
I love, love, love these watercolor ranunculus. You can get them yourself at Angie Makes.
Claudio R. M. Costa (pdf) (jpg)
Gary E. Stevenson (pdf) (jpg) 
Dale G. Renlund (pdf) (jpg)
Devin G. Durrant (pdf) (jpg)
Russell M. Nelson (pdf) (jpg)
D. Todd Christofferson (pdf) (jpg)
Isn't this tropical watercolor flower gorgeous? You can get it from Angie Makes, also.
Gregory A. Schwitzer (pdf) (jpg)
Koichi Aoyagi (pdf) (jpg)
Allen D. Haynie (pdf) (jpg)
Like the sun burst graphic in the background? Get it from Designs by Miss Mandee
Kim B. Clark (pdf) (jpg) 
President Thomas S. Monson (pdf) (jpg)
Ronald A. Rasband (pdf) (jpg)
Von G. Keetch (pdf) (jpg)
David A. Bednar (pdf) (jpg)
Like the hand drawn fall leaves? Get them from Designs by Miss Mandee


  1. Thank you so much! These are beautiful! I'm going to send them to our missionary son in Chile! So appreciative of you sharing your talents with us!

    1. Thank you so much! Best wishes to your son on his mission.

  2. Is there a trick to printing this in a 4x6 size? I wanted to save it and take it to a photo printer like Costco?

    1. Sure! I've done this many times to use at handouts and I really like how easy costco makes it. You'll just download the .jpg file from above to your computer. I think the easiest way is to go to costco's website and upload the file to their photo center. Since it's sizing down from an 8x10 to a 4x6, it'll show you a little crop mark and you can drag the crop mark to make sure the image is still centered. It'll clip a little bit but should still work. Then you just tell them how many you want and send in your order! They will either ship it to your house or you can go pick it up in store. Hope that helps!

  3. I love these! I'm teaching the Teachings for Our Times lessons in Relief Society and these will be great handouts. Any plans on making some for the General Women's and Priesthood sessions? Or did I just miss those?

    1. Thank you! No, you didn't miss them, I didn't get to those this time. But that's a good idea, I really should try and do those in the future. I especially loved Pres. Uchtdorf's talk at women's session this time. Sorry I don't have those, but I will try and add that to the list for next time!

  4. Just stumbled across these- and wow! They're beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your talents to bless others!