Thursday, March 17, 2016

February at a glance

February was a bit of a blur. Most of it was hospital stays and birthdays (Hans' and Emma's!) and grandparent visits. The rest of it was nursing and sleeping (but not much!) and getting settled in as a family of four. We spent a lot of time reading, taking walks, and having sibling bonding time. Take a peek
Hey, there. Come here often?
"Look at this little cheek!" 
"I read to baby brother" (side note: She's totally got The Gruffalo memorized and it's hilarious and adorable) 
She always refuses to hold anyone's hand, but now all she wants to do is hold his hand. It's killing me - I love it. 
Like father, like son. 
I bought a whole bunch of little things to keep her busy while I nurse and take care of James. It's my secret stash and I pull out new things when she's particularly wound up and needs distraction. This was her first foray into watercolors and needless to say...
She loved it!
She pushes her baby doll in its stroller right alongside Mama and James. 
I really wanted to take a marker and add a C before "Hunk"
It's their thing. 
A close up of those cheeks because I mean, really. They are no match for gravity and I just want to kiss them off his face!!
First bath at home. Goodness, we were not prepared for little boy's bathtime pee... that was some serious projectile action! Can't believe how much there was either. Now we keep a wash rag over him. Lesson learned!
Em thought it was hysterical 
He was less amused.
And just wanted to be fed.
"Look, I look like daddy!"
"I love baby brother"
Thanks to my mother-in-law for capturing this very real look at what our Friday nights look like now. We so tired. 
Our first outing! We went to TCBY for a little Valentine's treat. PS, borrowed this Solly Baby Wrap from my friend and we LOVE it. We ended up getting one of our own and it's such a lifesaver for a clingly little boy who always wants to be held.
Happy Valentines from my two littlest loves! 
She is an amazing big sister and loves him so much.
She got her first flowers from her daddy.
She kept hugging them. We were cracking up.
Her other V-day gifts were lip balm (cuz she's always stealing mine!) It's hilarious to watch her put it on. She does it about 50 times a day. I need to get video of it.
And headbands!
We were even able to sneak out for a little late Valentine's dinner at Gourdough's, my favorite donut restaurant (don't knock it 'til you try it!)
And this happened... are you kidding me?! We were so shocked.

Seriously, so much love. She's always asking to hold him.
We spend a lot of time in bed. She's so patient while I nurse and thank goodness she loves to read so much.
He's a smiley one!
She loves finding these on our walks. I love watching her try and blow them.
All car rides, she must always hold his hand. Whether he likes it or not :)
She reads him lots of books.
And she nurses her baby doll just like mama
Gotta teach 'em young, right? 
Last but not least, major shout out to this guy! He is the best partner and father I could have ever asked for and I couldn't (and wouldn't want to) do any of this craziness with anyone else. On February 20th he turned the Big 3-0 and while his birthday was a bit eclipsed by new babyhood, I hope he knows how much we love and appreciate him. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

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