Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cutest little cowgirl

And baby's first rodeo!

Em loved the rodeo so much last year we knew we had to go back. We only had one free weekend and it turned out to be COLD. What the heck, Texas? Nevertheless, we still had a fantastic time. Love our little Texas kiddos.

This girlie LOVES horse rides. She would have stayed on all day if we let her
The more serious her face is, the more fun she's having
James got hungry. I found the only place I could to sit down and nurse him. Ten minutes later we noticed that the sign behind me says "Next milking demonstration 12:30" and started cracking up.
Not sure the kangaroo is indigenous to Texas...
So her "eat the food" face was killing me. Too funny!
Where'd she get the brush?
He slept through most of it, but at least he was all snuggly warm on me!
We went with some of our best friends who recently returned from a year in Asia. Em is so happy to have her smiley BFF back. This was them patiently waiting for the pig races
And they're off! 
She loves her buddy B so much!
Got to have rodeo food. The corn dogs weren't half bad
But of course the funnel cake is where it's at! 
Sweet little cowgirl

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