Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 Fall Conference Printables Part II

Let's call this post "better late than never." I finally got around to finishing up printables from the Sunday session of General Conference last month. As always, you are welcome to use these however you see fit (just don't pretend they are yours ;)).

2014 October General Conference printables (all 13 as a PDF)
Thomas S. Monson (jpg)
M. Russell Ballard (jpg)
Henry B. Eyring (jpg)
Larry S. Kacher (jpg)
Robert D. Hales (jpg)
Hugo E. Martinez (jpg)
Carol F. McConkie (jpg)
James J. Hamula (jpg)
David A. Bednar (jpg)
Russell M. Nelson (jpg)
Carlos A. Godoy (jpg)
Richard G. Scott (jpg)
Allan F. Packer (jpg)

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