Tuesday, November 25, 2014


There is nothing worse than a sick kid. And this one lasted such a long time. I felt so badly that I couldn't make her feel better.
So we spent most of our days cuddling on the couch watching Pooh or George.
How is this a comfortable way to watch tv??
She just looks so sad. Can't stand it.
I swear she didn't eat a thing for five straight days. I kept offering her different bland, starchy things to try and tempt her. As you can see, my offerings were not acceptable.
And yet, she still found enough in her to throw up all over me three times in HEB and once in Home Depot (different days). Lots of extra baths last week...
And yet... still manages to take her clothes off during nap time. 
Thankfully, as of last night she was smiley and ready to play again
Mom's shoes are always a great toy.
Until you can't walk and tip over!

She did this all last night. Who needs toys when daddy drags you on a blanket?

My cousin's dog is staying with us while they are away for Thanksgiving. Em is obsessed with him. She was so sad she had to go to bed last night and kept sobbing "puuuuppppy, puuuuppppy" over and over. I couldn't stop laughing.

So glad to see that beautiful smile back.

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  1. Sick kids are the worst! She is so adorable, even with her sad little sick face!