Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mawwage is what bwings us togethew today ...

They're married!!!
My baby brother is married. I can't believe it. And I am so, so SO excited to have Jenna as a sister. These two have the cutest story. Jenna's mom and our mom have known each other and been close friends since college - they were roommates!
When my mom immigrated to this country, Jenna's grandmother kind of took my mom under her wing, welcoming her into the family. The moms have stayed very close through the years and our two families have been taking trips and spending holidays together for years. So you can imagine that it came as quite a shock when AJ and Jenna started dating last year. At first the moms were nervous because they thought a break up would lead to potential awkwardness. I'm pretty sure these two considered that and just didn't see the relationship ending. And they were right.

So this was truly a huge celebration, two families that were pretty much already family becoming one family "officially."

The sealing was absolutely amazing. I ended up sitting directly behind Jenna at the altar so I had a straight on view of AJ's face through the sealing and jeez. The way they look at each other... I just could not stop crying. They are so in love and the spirit in the room was incredible. My dad kept looking at me like "Get it together!" and I just couldn't. It was too sweet.

Formal pictures were a little rough. There were a record 27 weddings at the San Diego temple that day and the grounds were so busy you could hardly walk. Not to mention it was the hottest day San Diego has had all year and it was sooooo sunny and hot for pictures at 1 p.m. Forgive all the squinting. (Credit for the gorgeous photos goes to the amazing John Fahrnkopf)
Emma absolutely adores her new Aunt Jenna (and her uncle AJ of course).
This pic totally cracks me up. "I... I don't know what to do with my hands..."
Ah, but he's got his muscles. That's true love.
My cute grandmother (who just celebrated her 80th birthday!) drove all the way from Utah for the wedding.
Oh, Jenna. You realize what you married into, right?
Seriously. Look at that look.
This truly captures them.
By the time we got to the reception, we were all ready to cut loose. My parents hosted this wedding and it was completely beautiful and perfect. Jenna's mom did all the flowers (aren't they gorgeous? She is so talented) and a family friend did the Ah-Mazing cake. I am not even going to tell you how much of that cake I ate (spoiler alert: it was a ton). And we danced all. night. long.

Watching their first dance really drives home just how perfect these two are for each other.

She pretty much stuck by grandma's side all night.
Oh, my crazy brothers.
This group knows how to party.
We got my whole family - my grandma carol, all my aunts and uncles, my mom, my brothers, even Hans! - out on the dance floor in a big circle around Em. She absolutely loved it.
I mean... seriously.
Congratulations to the beautiful couple! We couldn't be happier for you and loved being there to celebrate with you.

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