Thursday, December 4, 2014

Love List: Christmas books!

1. The Night Before Christmas
The seems to be the favorite so far. We read it three times just today! It's the classic poem with great illustrations. Em especially likes the part in the middle where you first see Santa - it folds out to a four page spread. I think you can't go wrong with this one and it'll be enjoyed by kids of any age.

2. Santa's Favorite Story
This is a close second favorite! Figures she likes the big girl books best. I see ripped pages in our future. She just wants to flip through this all day. I think she really likes the illustrations in this one. I like that it has Santa, but it also really focuses on the Christ part of Christmas. Another recommendation for all ages.

3. Olivia Helps with Christmas
How can you go wrong with Olivia? This one sure had mommy and daddy laughing. It's a good perspective on Christmas from a little one's point of view. Another solid Olivia book.

4. Bear Stays Up For Christmas
This one's really cute! Very short and simple. There's not a whole lot to the story, mostly just cute woodland creatures getting ready for Christmas day. It's a quick, easy read and has a sweet message about being with those you love on Christmas.

5. What is Christmas?
Another very simple, Christ-centered book. I think this is perfect for Em right now because it tells the story of Christ's birth in the most basic terms. I do think that it has a shelf-life... it's good for the littlest of littles, but I don't see her reading this year after year like I do some of the others.

It's a solid start to our Christmas library. Please let me know what your favorite holiday books are!

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