Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Turkey coma, family visit, and other things

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled catch-up sesh. How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was both wonderful, though it had a few bumps.
We started our Thanksgiving with our new-ish tradition of running the Turkey Trot with a few thousand of our closest friends. 
I probably look more excited than I felt. But I was more excited than Hans - he came down with a bad stomach bug the night before, but insisted we run anyway.
Em was all bundled up and riding in style! At least it wasn't nearly as freezing as last year. 
Since we didn't want Hans to puke, we had to walk a lot more than we have in previous years. I rudely left them the last two miles so I could run and still finished in 1:04. Not as good as last year, but not bad for how much walking we did!
Hans' parents came from Panama and Em couldn't be happier.
Em had lots of time to read with her Oma.
Saturday we went to the Chuy's Children Giving to Children parade. We have never been before and it was so fun! We all had a great time.
It's Curious George, of course!
She really was having fun, I swear...
Hans' favorite float, for obvious reasons :)
Waving Hi to the firemen
Every year we do a live tree and we haven't quite gotten around to getting it yet, what with Hans still not feeling great. We will put that one in the dining room and gate that room off because I have a feeling our little monkey would tip it over. But it made me sad not to have a tree in the family room anymore, so I got a little fake on to put on a table (up high, away from tiny hands). We call this one "Emma's tree" and let her decorate it the other night. I can't believe how engaged she was in decorating it. Very serious business.
 And since Oma and Opa were there, we were able to sneak out for a little late night movie. Huuuun-ger Games! Loved it.

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  1. so fun!! your little girl is the cutest!! and yay for turkey trots! ;)