Monday, December 8, 2014

Mama Monday: Santa, what?

Happy Monday, friends!

We had a crazy adventure this weekend and I'm a bit loopy with sleep deprivation. So I'll keep this short and sweet today.

Let's talk Santa. Last year Em was too little for us to even really think about Santa, but this year Hans and I have been discussing it with each other a lot. Is she too young to start the "Santa thing?" How do we introduce her to the idea? And how does Santa... work, exactly?

I've asked several mama friends what's their take on how to handle it. Here's what I've heard:

  • Santa's presents aren't wrapped. He brings them in his sack!
  • If you're going to wrap Santa presents, have a special "Santa Paper" that's different than what you use for your other gifts.
  • Santa brings just one gift, usually the "biggest" toy.
  • Santa brings lots of gifts, and mom and dad just give one or two

So basically... we've heard all ends of the spectrum. And so I'm putting it to you! How do you "do" Santa in your house?

I think our plan right now is to have Santa bring the big toy. We originally planned to do the special Santa wrap, but the gift is large size so we'll probably just stick a big bow on it.

As for the other gifts, we were given some advice we really like about sticking to a four-gift rule: something you want, something you need, something to wear (we might make this "play with"), something to read. I think this covers a good spectrum and will, hopefully, keep me from going overboard :)
Don't know if this is where I first heard the idea, but it's one that I pinned from Jones Designs

And that Elf on the Shelf guy? This mama nails how I feel about it.
Scary Mommy: Elf On the Shelf is Not Going to Happen

 Lazy mama, peace out.


  1. Santa has always come to our house. You just have to believe ;)

    The presents are always different wrap, different tags and different handwriting. He usually only brings 1-2 gifts and they're not always the biggest gifts. He's not getting all the credit. It's just usually a few nice ones. Sometimes the biggest gift (he did bring my cell phone senior year of high school).

  2. And Elf on the Shelf is never entering this house. It's just creepy.