Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day of love

Oh, Valentine's Day. I'm just not quite sure how I feel about you.

But this year was perfect, so I guess I love you.

I generally feel like it's kind of a silly holiday. I don't think it requires grand plans or extravagant gifts. I think it merits an acknowledgement. It's a nice opportunity to show a little love to our special people.
My funny Valentines. This is what trying to take a family selfie really looks like... 
She at least said "cheese cheese cheese!" for one with mama!
We started our day with a picnic at the park. Stunningly gorgeous weather, a blanket, some strawberries and some pastries, and a ball. It was two hours of nothing to do but eat and play. Can we just live at the park?
She's really into strawberries. And really into feeding us. That's fun.
In the evening, we returned to a long-standing tradition we have - an indoor picnic dinner. We set up an air mattress and pillows and blankets in the living room, get take-out, and watch a sappy romantic movie. This year we did PF Changs (our kid can pound some lo mein!) and watched Beauty and the Beast. She loved it and I love watching her discover the films that I loved as a kid.
Daddy got Em an Olivia doll (that she has hardly let go of since) and, of course, a balloon. This girl lives for balloons. And this one is a heart! It doesn't get any better.
My sweet guy got me chocolates (heck yes!), roses, and these lovely stacking rings. Do I have a great guy or what?
Thinks she's sneaky eating my chocolates. Not so sneaky.
I can't take this holiday seriously. So I made him these glasses.
If you can't read it, they say "I love your stupid face" and "I am keeping you." It wasn't hard to do, just a little time intensive - I may have to do a little tutorial on how to do it, if you're interested. I filled them up with three bags of his favorite chocolates. I probably could have just done the chocolates and he would have been fine.

And Em got Daddy a new bow tie. I seriously love it. Such a stud.
Hope you all got showered with love, too!

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