Thursday, February 19, 2015

Love list: Little pick-me-ups

First of all, nothing's wrong. So when I say that it's been a bit rough over here lately, I feel a little silly about it because there is nothing major or serious or anything. Just seems like a struggle to get through the days lately (mostly a severe lack of sleep, I think, for all three of us). So this week's Love List is a tribute to the little pick-me-ups that have brought a some cheer into life lately. Celebrate the little things, right?

So she found this old hat (from when she was like six months old), jammed it on her head, and started playing Angry Birds. Doesn't she look like the girl from Despicable Me? I love these little moments that just make me laugh.
Um, you know I have a Torchy's addiction, right? This month has my absolute favorite taco - the Scallywag. Soooooo good. I think I need to eat at Torchy's every day this month.
Zulily had Toms yesterday!! I got Em a couple pairs, and one for Hans, too. They were a killer deal, plus a had a $15 credit, making this a total steal.
My sweet hubby took baby duty one night last week so I could have a little girls' night out with a friend - pedicures and ice cream. Love this color!
The Nike outlet had sports bras 40% off... that never happens! Silly how excited I get about something like that. Also, tell me about your favorite workout clothes. What do you recommend? Maybe I'll hate working out less if I feel cuter...

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  1. LOVE. She totally does look like the girl from despicable me! SO cute! And good deals on sports bras make me happy too. I am craving torches so bad now.. AHHHH