Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New tricks and lots of laughs

So many of things Em has been doing lately just crack us up. I've been fortunate to get a few of them on video, but haven't been posting them anywhere for no particular reason. Lazy, I guess. That's perfect, because I don't feel up to writing a whole blog post today. Soooo.... enjoy a bunch of cute videos. Happy Tuesday!

She recently discovered Mickey Mouse and she loooooves him. We watch Mickey cartoons or read Mickey books almost every day. Imagine her immense pleasure when she realized Mickey was on her diaper! Now we can't get her to stop doing this.

Sleeping has been a real struggle for her lately. She just never gets tired. Ever. I spend probably 2-4 hours per day trying to get her to sleep, either for naptime or bedtime. This is what it often looks like. She throws all her animals and blankets out, sings songs, plays with the curtains, runs back and forth, uses it as a trampoline. But very little of what it's intended for.

I sing this to her almost every night before bed. I was so surprised when she jumped in singing one night and seemed to know the words! I'll finish and she'll ask to sing again and again. She doesn't like it when I start singing it any other time because she knows it means bed time haha!

Another song she seems to have learned over night! And another song we have to sing a million and one times a day.

I guess I've never let her play in the rain before. I didn't realize how much she would love it! She didn't want to come in. Even after she fell and got soaked. Silly girl.

My dad had her laughing so. hard. the other night. She doesn't do this often and I love when we can make her laugh like that.

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