Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Living in swimsuits

June has meant two things in our household: family visits and swim suits.

While my dad was here last week, we lived at Butler Park and Deep Eddy. We were so sad to see him go home on Friday. He really is Emma's best friend.
Took Dad to Sway for a little late Father's Day dinner
Since the Austin Postcard mural is right around the corner from Sway, we just had to stop for a couple pics.
Lots of coloring...
And reading books...
And playing with toys! (Her first Lego experience)
Grandpa taught her to smell flowers
This is why you don't let a child self-feed a pouch while you're driving. (kinda looks like puke. Yuck)
Saturday we had a lovely family day - a nice breakfast at Sweetish Hill Bakery (get the thing with the funny German name that looks like a cinnamon bun with raisins. Heaven). Then we headed to North Lamar between 9th and 10th to continue our mural tour with these Frederico murals. And then more swimming, of course. We tried West Enfield Pool. It's a bit small and parking is a little weird, but it was shady and clean and very nice. I'd go back!
Yogurt face!
And then it was more family! Hans' parents and niece arrived Sunday to play for a few days. We've already spent most of our time outdoors at Symphony in the Park and the new Bartholomew Pool (have you been? It's awesome - we love it!)
I don't know what this face was for, but I love it! It cracks me up. 
She is seriously in love with her cousin. She wants to be glued to her nonstop.
This pool has water slides! Katie loved them.
I seriously can't get enough of this summer. We are having too much fun!!

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