Monday, June 9, 2014

Mama Monday: Strawberry frozen yogurt dots

Well, this was a happy experiment.

Lately, Punkito wants to feed herself everything.Which is fun (and messy!) but it also means that we're in an awkward stage with some foods... like... yogurt. She's not skilled enough to spoon herself, but she won't let me feed it to her.

So I thought... frozen yogurt dots. You need two ingredients: plain greek yogurt (it's thicker than regular yogurt, plus has great protein and probiotics) and freeze-dried fruit (I went with strawberries, Trader Joe's brand).
Super easy to make. Throw the dried fruit into a food processor and pulverize 'til it's a powder. Scoop in a heaping cup of yogurt. Blend together.
I used an icing bag for mine, but you could just as easily use a ziploc bag with the corner cut off. Line a cookie sheet with freezer paper. Wax or parchment paper might work, too, but I didn't try. Let me know if you do and it works for you.
Pipe yogurt dots onto the tray and the freeze. That's it!
It's a nice, healthy, cool treat for summer and great for little self-feeders. It's already a big hit with Punkito and I'm excited to try other types of fruit. Yum!

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