Thursday, June 12, 2014

Love List: Summer lovin'

1. FreeFunInAustin
We have been out exploring Austin so much more lately, just to find fun things to do with Punkito. My FAVORITE website right now is Seriously, these women are amazing. They compile lists of all the events going on in Austin every week, lists of child-friendly restaurants, and directories (with reviews!) of every park, pool and splashpad in the area. It is such a fantastic resource and I'm so grateful to have it - we use it a couple times a week. Check it out!

2. Blues on the Green
This is such a fun event and we had a blast. It actually starts at 8, but we went super early to avoid the crowds and just enjoy a nice evening. We picked up a picnic dinner from Whole Foods and found a great spot under a shady tree. Emma had a blast running to other people's blankets to say hello and trying to kiss all the dogs. Advice if you're looking to go: Parking is $5 (but worth it), get there early for a good spot, take tons of water and bug repellent, and try to sit farther back and toward the edges otherwise you'll end up in a cloud of pot smoke. Yuck. Thanks, Austin hipsters.
The largest strawberry ever, that she's trying to cram into her mouth.
Stole a water gun from a neighbor...
Seriously, what is that guy even doing? And he is RIPPED! 
Blues on the Green 2013 and 2014
3. Sunglasses
Best $1 ever spent. She grabbed these from the Dollar Spot at Target (gosh, I love Target) and popped them on her face. So of course I had to get them for her. She has been rockin' them all day, e'er day and I love it. She rocked 'em at the pool yesterday and the other mommies couldn't believe how she just keeps them on! Too cool for us.

4. Grandma's quilt
My grandmother Carol is a talented seamstress. She made this beautiful quilt as a wedding gift and it is our favorite. We keep it in the car and use it for all our outdoor adventures. It's perfect to just spread on the grass and let Emma run around. We use it a couple times a week. Isn't it beautiful? It always makes me think of her, too, which I love :) Thanks, Grammy!

5. Dark chocolate strawberries 
At playgroup yesterday one of the other {evil} mommies brought these dark chocolate covered strawberries. Oh. My. Gosh. Heaven. I had to run to Costco today just to get more and I can't stop eating. Ah-mazing!

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