Thursday, September 11, 2014

Love List: Fall Fashion

Oh man, I've got a shopping itch. I keep getting emails about all my favorite stores pulling out their fall lines and I am falling in love with them! Here's my current favs:

1. All of Baby Gap's fall line
It's no secret that Baby Gap is my favorite place to shop for Punkito. And I think I could literally buy one of everything in the store right now.
This whole outfit (and the topknot!) would be PERFECT on Miss Em

2. Big City Chic
We went in Janie and Jack last week looking for something very specific (a red sweater) and instead I couldn't stop drooling over this line. I'm a sucker for black and white and polka dots, but I'm loving the hot pink thrown in! My girl would rock these outfits so hard.
(Janie and Jack)
3. Riding Boots
I have wanted cute boots for a couple years and can never find the perfect pair! Hans bought me a fantastic-looking pair for Christmas last year but... they were over the knee. And I'm super short. And I couldn't walk in them. Sadly, I took them back and I have yet to find a pair that I truly love. I checked out DSW today and thought these were fairly good options. Any suggestions where else to check?
(Bare Traps, DSW)
(Steve Madden, DSW)
(Bandolino, DSW)
4. Fall Toms
Another not-so-secret obsession of mine. Zulily (do you use Zulily? It's so dangerous) had Toms on sale this week and I had such a hard time not going totally nuts. I did get Em these two darling pairs. The women's ones I wanted went too fast and I missed them. But I am totally in love with these two and I keep telling myself that I *need* the wool-lined ones for winter. You know how cold it gets here in steamy Austin ;)
5. Mustard color
I noticed that I keep gravitating toward this color. It makes me want to go to a Pumpkin Patch and go on a hayride and wear a scarf. Ya know, in 100 degree weather. Come on, fall, get here already!
(Downeast Basics)
What are your fall favorites?


  1. Baby Gap has THE CUTEST girl clothes! I am glad I have a boy, haha!

    -Alex H.

  2. There's a Janie and Jack outlet at the RR outlet malls. Just saying.

    1. Oh, I know ;) But that just makes it cost an arm and not a leg, too.