Thursday, September 4, 2014

Love List: Punkito vids (and other things)

1. Can't Stop, Won't Stop Moving
This is a daily occurrence, the spinning. It's kind of her signature move. Hard to catch on video though - she tends to be very aware of the camera. So this is just a snippet. She totally breaks out the moves for this song, though. I love it.

2. Counting (with a surprise)
The other night driving home from Houston Hans and I were talking in the front seat and just kind of aware that Emma was babbling in the back seat, but not paying much attention to it. Until I looked back and saw her grabbing her face. And realized what she was doing. This is a little game she plays with my brother when he rides back there with her. He will hold his closed fist in front of her and as she lifts up his fingers, they will count "One... two... three... four..." and on five he will cover her face with his hand. I guess she decided she didn't need him to play, so she was counting her own fingers (though every number is "two") and then grabbing her own face. I was trying so hard not to laugh as I filmed this so she wouldn't realize we were watching her. Hilarious.

3. Harassing the puppy
One of her not-so-fun new habits. If you didn't know, we have two really annoying dachshunds. The fat one is so lazy that he just tolerates Emma rather than get up and move away from her. The little one hates kids. All kids. Actually, most people in general. His policy has always been "stay away from me, and I'll stay away from you." But lately she is just enamored with him. Or, ya know, wants to chase him around throwing oranges at him. Sorry to find a little amusement at your expense, buddy.

4. Tree time
This one's such a silly little thing, that is bringing so much joy. I don't know why, but for the longest time Hans has been convinced that our dining room really needed a tree. He just felt it was too bare and that was the solution. But man, good fake trees are hard to find! They're either pathetic looking or super expensive. My godmother offered us this one from her  house (they're moving!) and he looked like a kid on Christmas. Seriously. So I love it, because he loves it. And he wasn't wrong - it does look nice in the room.

5. Watch obsession
Another Love thanks to my godmother - she has kicked off an obsession with cheap Charming Charlie watches. She got matching ones (the pink one) for me, her, and her DIL and I just love it! I went back today and got another one. Pretty sure this is going to become a problem for me.

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