Thursday, March 5, 2015

Emma is TWO!

Our sweet, funny, smart, wonderful girl is TWO! I am still kind of in denial about that. How did this happen??? I did not agree to that.
We had the most wonderful time celebrating her birthday last week. Her actual birthday was Friday and we had a little family celebration - complete with her very favorite person in the world, Bapa.

We started the morning by dumping balloons in her crib and singing happy birthday. She was in heaven and didn't want to get out.

(The static was so hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing).

But we finally got her out by promising her special birthday pancakes (i.e.... regular pancakes loaded with sprinkles).
She's been working so hard on showing that she's 2 (even with a mouthful of pancakes!)
Then we hit up Loco-Motion for a little (exhausting!) fun. We've never been there before and really enjoyed it! There's an area just for littles, but of course our fearless wonder wanted to tackle all the big kid stuff. Man, she scares me.
I know this is the derp-iest face imaginable, but I just love it.
After two hours of that, it was time for a family nap.

Then we opened presents, ate homemade pizza, and all cuddled on a blow up mattress by the fire to watch Frozen for the first time. Oh, and ate birthday cake, of course!
Super excited about this tea set from Oma. I can hardly get her to stop playing with it.
I think she liked the cake. That's my girl.
She hasn't stopped singing "Let it Go" since then. Pretty sure it's going to be stuck in my head until she's 30.

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