Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It finally happened

Just last week my mama friends and I were chatting about how reckless Em is. She's always climbing on things and trying to jump off them. Gives me a heart attack ten times a day. I was saying how it's a miracle she's never hurt herself.

Spoke too soon.

First this happened:
Enjoying a nice morning at the Thinkery
 Then this happened.
She was playing in a room filled with mats and giant shapes made out of mat material. She was climbing down a couple steps and I guess she lost her balance. She fell backward and managed to miss all the mats and slam the back of her head on the concrete ground.

I didn't think it looked like a bad fall, but she couldn't stop crying - that was alarm #1. She hardly ever cries from being hurt, Hans and I have even questioned if she felt pain ever. And the crying didn't stop. It wasn't super hard, sometimes she was just whimpering, but she kept crying. And almost immediately she started falling asleep. If you know my kid, I can't EVER get her to go to sleep, and most definitely not anywhere but her bed. It was a struggle to get her home. She fell asleep almost instantly in the rocker and didn't wake up while I called her pediatrician and talked to them. They said it sounded like a mild concussion (no vomiting, eye dilation normal, etc were all good signs) and said I should wake her up and take her to the ER. I called Hans to come home and help me and tried to rouse her, without much success.

I spent the next 20 minutes trying to wake her and then right before Hans walked in the door, she snapped awake and was totally ok! She was laughing and playing. It was the weirdest thing.
Her symptoms came and went for the rest of the day. She would suddenly get very sleepy and start crying a lot and just want to lay with us. She fell asleep a few times. She ran a little bit of a fever and refused to eat anything.

But given that she seemed decently ok, we decided not to go to the hospital. We knew we would just sit there for hours before they decided to see us and figured all they would do is confirm the concussion and tell us she needed rest.

So that's what we did all weekend. We woke her up every few hours just to make sure she could. And then we just tried to take it easy. Lots of movies!
By Sunday, she seemed to be feeling a lot better, but we still wanted her to take it easy. Trying to keep this little ball of perpetual motion slightly less active is a huge challenge!
 So we did some play doh minion making.
 And a little sponge painting.
As of today she seems to be completely back to normal. We even ventured out to the gym today! Just trying to ease her back into activity - and definitely nothing she can jump off.

Hate to see my baby hurting, but glad to see she's getting back to her crazy self.

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