Thursday, March 26, 2015

Love List: What We're Watching

Hi, my name is Erika, and I'm a Netflix addict. I hate watching shows live. Binge is the only way to go. I like it in the background while I do dishes or work or whatever. Brainless shows are best for that. But we are kind of in a show rut right now. We've tried a few shows (Parks and Rec, The Fall) and couldn't get in to them. So here's what we're watching (re-watching) right now. Shoot me your favs and give me something to add to my list!

1, Supernatural
This is the only "new to us" thing we're watching. It took us a long time to get in to it but we stuck with it because we figured the rabid fandom couldn't be wrong. Five seasons in and we are liking it! But we only watch it together (it's our current "our" show) so it's kinda slow going.
2. Friends
Yay for Netflix getting all seasons of my favorite show of all time. I can recite this word for word in my sleep. Anyone else notice that Netflix has an edited version, though? I sometimes notice little lines missing here and there. Weird.
Bonus: Did you know our wedding cake was "Friends" themed? We are *that* kind of fans.

3. Chuck
Re-watching this one because it's been a while and it still makes me laugh. I love that it has a butt-kicking chick and a nerdy guy as the leads and it's too dang funny. And let's talk about the eye candy that is Zachary Levi...
4. Once Upon a Time
Just finished re-watching this, mostly as wishful thinking. When is Netflix getting the next season??
5. Daniel Tiger
The other night we noticed that we were still watching this after Em went to bed. As far as kid shows go, it's definitely the best. Great lessons, no annoying characters (dude, Curious George's voice bugs me!) and the kid loves it. It's a daily staple in our house.
"If you have to go potty STOP - and go right away..."

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