Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is another one of those holidays that I have never paid too much attention to. But, oh, these are so much more fun with little ones!

We didn't do anything much, but I tried to incorporate a few little things to make the day more fun. We painted her nails for the first time and she loved it! 
 She held so still while I did it and watched my every move. And she's been holding her hands so dainty and looking at her nails all the time. It kills me. Having a little girl is so freaking awesome.
Blow them dry!
Seriously, so proud of herself.
Then we made green pancakes for breakfast. I didn't want to just use green dye - so we made these with spinach! 
Always a good helper
 And I was surprised at how incredibly tasty they are. We will make it regularly now. The recipe is from Weelicious and uses spinach, buttermilk, and wheat flour. I added a teaspoon of vanilla as well. Em ate FOUR.
And then I gave her green tissue paper to play with. Because... why not? She wrapped it around herself to make a skirt. And we made a cape together (no pics, oops).
Hope you all had a happy, green day.

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