Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Austin photo scavenger hunt

We are starting a new family tradition for Saturdays. There's this great blog, FreeFuninAustin, that has all these cool things for kids to do around the city. They posted recently about all the street art and public murals that Austin is known for and we thought it would be fun for us to go visit all of them and take pictures at each one. So every week we're going to pick a new one from the list, take a pic, and find breakfast and/or a park nearby to play at.
First up, we stopped along SoCo for the "I love you so much" wall on the side of Jo's Coffee Shop. We should have just gotten breakfast there, but we went along SoCo to see what else there was. Emma was a little grumpy and it was hot and busy and we were getting a little flustered. We ended up getting some cinnamon rolls and yogurt from a little grocery store and tried to take them to the park.
Also from FreeFunInAustin
I'd heard of Little Stacy and Big Stacy parks and I was thinking they were right next to each other. Folks, they are not. We parked at Big Stacy and didn't love it. Nothing for a little one our age and almost zero cloud cover. Too hot! We ended up walking close to a mile to get to Little Stacy Park, but it was worth it. Emma loved it! They have a great play place, swings, and lots of shade. It looks like there's an awesome wading pool that wasn't open for the summer yet. I can't wait to take her back.

Next time I'll look ahead of time for places close by so we don't spend the whole morning wandering around like we did this time. Oops! When we're done visiting all the sites and taking photos, I'm going to put them together into a little coffee table book. Stay tuned for more pics!

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