Thursday, May 1, 2014

Love List: Shoooooes (and grandparents!)

1. Visits from Oma and Opa
Hans' parents are passing through the states on their way to a European trip, so we got to spend a day or so with them. Punkito is going through a bit of a shy phase lately, but she warmed up quickly when she discovered how willing they are to play with her. We went to the park and for a walk and out to dinner and read books and it was awesome.
2. Date Night
Courtesy of the Oma and Opa's one-night stop in town, we put the little one down for a nap and snuck out for a late movie - Captain America! I'm still processing it, but I *think* I liked it. I just had a hard time following the plot. If I stopped trying to follow it (about halfway through) I enjoyed it. The name didn't seem fitting though - it didn't really seem like the Winter Soldier was the main point of this movie. That part of it just seemed like a big set up for the next movie. But like I said, I think I enjoyed it. I enjoyed Chris Evans anyway.
It was a late movie. We got a little loopy. Oh, Alamo, how I have missed you.

3. New Toms
Hans got me the most beautiful boots for Christmas... and they didn't fit. So I've been meaning to use that credit to buy new shoes but I HATE shoe shopping. Seriously. I haven't bought a pair of heels since A+K's wedding in 2010. I have that black pair plus a brown pair from 2008 and those are the two pairs of heels I rotate. I have running shoes, grey toms, and leather ballet flats. And that's all she wrote, folks. So I decided to branch out a little and try something new. Whaddya think? I think I like them... They're pretty comfy and I think they'll be good for summer.

4. "Shooooooes"
Em, on the other hand, LOVES shoes. Hans jokes that that gene must skip a generation (my mom is obsessed). We could be in trouble - it's now her newest word. And she loooooves trying to put her (and our!) shoes on. I just love the way she says it: "shoooooooes"

(Also, she's half naked because at dinner she threw up four times in rapid succession, followed shortly by a MASSIVE blow out. Awesome).

5. Baby food sale
It's the little things, right? We were hanging out with friends on Saturday and they mentioned that Babies R Us was having a big sale on Plum Organics. I keep pouches on hand for when Em is being more particular than usual, or when we are on the go. But man, those suckers are expensive! So I was excited to stock up. But then we got there and they had all these snack things I've never tried that were also on crazy sale! Never thought I'd get to excited about dropping $$ on baby food. "But it was on sale!"

Bonus: Here's something I *DON'T* love this week. I ran into Sprouts (grocery store) the other day to grab blackberries (One of Punkito's favs, for some reason very expensive at HEB this week). In the checkout line they have a case of cold drinks, just like every other grocery store. Except this store is "natural" and stuff so no coke/pepsi products. Whatever. I was thirsty and in a hurry so I grabbed a can of "organic cola." I'm in the car and driving home and it occurs to me... wait. Those blackberries were 88 cents a case. And the dried fruit I bought was $3. So why did I just pay $11?? I pull out my receipt and find that the organic cola was $4.99?!?!?! I called Hans (I was driving) and asked him to google it to see if that could possibly be right. It totally was. I never dreamed a can of cola could cost 5 bucks so I didn't think twice as I grabbed it. That'll teach me to pay more attention.... Also, it tasted terrible. Like black licorice. So while this doesn't make the Love List this week, it's definitely bad enough to start an anti-love list.

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