Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Grandpa visits and Mother's Day

We have had such a fun and busy week! My dad has been in town and Em is in heaven. Grandpa is her best friend. He left Sunday while she was asleep and Monday morning the first thing she did was ask me "Ba-Pa?" Broke my heart. But we will see him again tomorrow for a couple days, so that's good. I just love to see them together.

We read so many books and Grandpa helped with bathtime. Punkito just wanted to give him kisses all weekend. It was so sweet.

On Saturday we went to the Austin Zoo! We have never taken Em before. I had some reservations about the Austin Zoo because I know it's not a "traditional zoo" - it's more of a sanctuary for rescued animals. They have a lions, and tigers, and bears (oh, my!), monkeys, and a lot of smaller animals - deer, goats, llamas, kangaroos, birds, reptiles, turtles, pigs, and a bunch of wolf/dog hybrids. There's no big animals like elephants or giraffes, though. We still had a good time! I'm not sure Em really understood that these were animals. She liked the monkeys because they moved around and made a lot of noise. I don't know why, but she stood there and yelled at the bear. "Move," maybe? It was hilarious. The zoo was bigger than I expected and not too crowded. It was a hot day, but there was plenty of shade. I know there was a train you could take that shows some behind-the-scenes, but it was time for Em's nap so we headed home. I think it was a perfect first trip to the zoo to keep things fairly quick and simple. I'd recommend it for younger kids, but I think older kids might not be too impressed.
Other than the zoo, we just kind of relaxed together. We did a little shopping - my little girly girl LOVES shoes, bags, and jewelry. She is not getting that from me. She loves to drape necklaces on and parade around.
And no trip to Texas would be complete without an outing to Chuys. Our sweet girl even made waiting for our table fun. It was a beautiful night and we sat on the patio and Punkito ate a huge meal. It was a perfect night.

And then it was Mother's Day! My sweet husband and dad really made it feel special. I got some beautiful roses and funny cards and they cooked me a delicious meal of steak and salad with peach cobbler for dessert. I feel totally spoiled and loved. I am so grateful to be a mom (more on that tomorrow :)).
We went on a long walk around Town Lake and had lunch at Whole Foods downtown. It was a little warm and sticky, but we had fun anyway.
Totally cracks me up, especially Hans' card in the middle.
So glad Ba Pa could be here and can't wait to see him again. I hope all you beautiful ladies had wonderful Mother's Days - Thank you for all you do.

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