Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Don't Mess with Emma

After our big Schlitterbahn adventure, we decided to take it easy this weekend. We slept in and then headed to the downtown Austin Farmer's Market to wander around.
There were more booths than I expected, yet I didn't see anything I was interested in buying. While I'm sure the prices were pretty standard for a farmer's market, I couldn't get over how much they were. Like five bucks for this basket of peaches. Yikes. Hans and I were talking about how you have to be really committed to organic, local produce.
It's sure a great place to get breakfast, though! Lots of fresh bakery items, tamales, teas, and, of course, breakfast tacos. We got a few Taco Deli ones and they were delish. Great salsa. Emma's favorite part was the sticker on the tacos.
Our next stop was to take our weekly mural pic. This one was a bit tricky to do because it's right on the feeder of I-35. And it's huge, so we look really tiny!

I sure love this one of Em and Hans though. One of my favorites in our little project so far.
We topped off our night with a family favorite - homemade pizza - and a movie, The Lego Movie. Punkito loves this meal so much it always becomes a giant mess and it ends with a good, strong bath. I'm just happy to see her happily cramming her mouth.
It was an nice, relaxing day. Lego Dude's got it right, everything IS awesome.

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