Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Endless summer

Facebook and Instagram tell me that school started this week for the kiddies. Thankfully for us, that just means that all our favorite activities just became a lot less crowded! Here's to an endless summer.
I want YOU... to take me swimming.
Summer means... playing at the park all night.
Summer means... not wearing clothes around the house.
My friend Rachel suggested letting Emma help me in the kitchen and it has been so awesome! I pull a chair up and she will help bake and do dishes and she is SO proud of herself. I love it.
 Not interested in breakfast. But sat here like this watching Lilo and Stitch. She cracks me up!
Censored! Mama thinks she's hilarious.
 For FHE, we did a little exploring downtown. We visited the Hope Outdoor Gallery and watched some artists at work. It changes all the time so we may have to revisit it in a few months!
Crushin' it
Then we took Em into BookPeople. She was in heaven.
And topped off the night with dessert and the playground on the roof of Whole Foods. Perfect summer night!

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