Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Random moments from our house

Since I wrote a novel yesterday, we'll just do some pics today. Plus we didn't have a very eventful weekend... just chillin' at home, playing together. Here's a little of what that looks like.

We told her to turn around so we could see how the dress fit. We got this for the next five minutes.
Sometimes... you spill water all over your shirt. And then decide to make up for it by rocking a headband.
TOMS catalogue makes for good reading. In fact, it's perfect for her since one of her favorite words (and things!) is "shoes"
Also endless amounts of fun? Stickers. Just put 'em on your nose. Isn't that funny?
Supposed to be Facetiming with Bapa... instead, pulling a baby teenager.
And that's life at the Sweeting house these days.

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