Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dallas with Bapa

Unfortunately for my dad, he has to travel frequently for work. Fortunately for us, his travels often bring him close enough for a visit! In December, he had a training meeting in Dallas, so Em and I drove up to spend a couple days with him.
She's been on carousels before (and since!) and HATED them. But for some reason, she LOVED it this day. As soon as it ended, she signed for more, so we went again. And after the second time, she cried when we left.
Looked all over, and finally found them tucked in a corner reading. Of course.  :)
She has a really hard time sleeping in new places, so the nights in the hotel were a little rough. My dad laid with her and watched a movie trying to get her to fall asleep.
On our last day, he took us to the Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine. I was a little skeptical based on some reviews I saw on Yelp and such, but we had an AMAZING time!! She had just watched "Finding Nemo" for the first time, so she was super excited to see all the fishes.
The Aquarium was much larger than I expected, and there were all these neat little nooks you can climb into get "inside" the exhibits.
She was fascinated by the giant turtles.
The walk-through tunnel was amazing. Seeing the sharks swim overhead scared her a little bit, but she couldn't stop looking at all the fishes swimming all around her.
They had a little tide pool where you could touch some small creatures, like a starfish. She wouldn't do it, but was intrigued by the idea. I think my dad was a little disappointed because he has a photo of me at this age at a tide pool at Sea World trying to put a starfish in my mouth. I think he wanted a matching set.
We were barely there 48 hours, but it was so great to be able to spend time with my dad and do fun things. He's coming to visit again next week and we can't wait!

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