Thursday, January 15, 2015

Love list: Children's Art

We have been working on a fun little mini home makeover project over here. I'm not quite ready to share it yet, but I thought you might be able to help me with one of the last little details. There's one very blank wall that could use a fun, colorful poster or print. And I'm having a hard time choosing! Here are some of my favorites:
Up: Ciara Panacchia
Adventure bike: PrintableWisdom
To the moon: EefLillemor
Eat you up: TheCreativeSideshow
Greatest adventure: Zoom Boone Creations
Be little: SimplyGiftedPrints
Alphabet animals: littleinkshop
I find that I'm drawn toward interesting typography and quotes that I love ("Let them be little" is my favorite, but Where the Wild Things Are is one of Em's fav books). But at the same time I feel like we have several typography prints in our home and could use something more illustrative, especially in a little one's space. I guess I should add that I'm looking for 16x24 or larger and I think portrait orientation would fit the space better. I also thought about some twine and clips for a drawing gallery, like this one:
Design Improvised
What are your thoughts? Have any other sources I should check out? Thanks for the help!

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