Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My little goofball

One of the most fun things about this age is seeing Em's personality develop and change. She is so dang funny and will do anything to make us laugh. She has such particular likes and dislikes and isn't afraid to make them known. She's independent and curious and a little on the mischievous side (ok, a lot). It may be a little exhausting sometimes, but it's always fun and never boring. Here's some of her latest antics:

She LOVES bath time. It's her favorite time of the day. Last week was particularly fun...
Day 1: Back floating. She just lays down until it almost covers her eyes and just... floats. Not just for a second. She'll go the whole bath like this.
Hair floating everywhere. I love it.
Day 2: I was in the nursery getting Em undressed. Hans started running the water and then went downstairs to grab something. Em took off running and by the time I caught up to her, she had already climbed in the tub and started playing with her toys. Onesie, socks, diaper, and all. 
Day 3: Water is all gone. Has been for a long time. Whenever we try and lift her out, she lays down as flat as possible and tries to get out of our reach.
I was trying to put away groceries after an HEB trip. She runs to her playroom and comes back with her shopping cart and starts loading it with stuff from the pantry.
Really stocking up...
More beans!
Oh, those tomatoes are heavy.
Then she took off running with it. And I get this cheesy grin because she knows she's funny.
Later, she decided her scarf makes a good hat. She wore it like this for quite some time.
So obsessed with balloons lately. She wouldn't let go of this one, even through dinner.
I noticed it had been quiet for too long. Found her in her nursery like this. I wonder how long she was waiting for me to come looking for her
She was pretty proud of herself.
Sweet little clown. Love that sneaky smirk.

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