Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thawing Off

The past few days have been GORGEOUS. And after being stuck in the house for the past few weeks, we have been taking every possible opportunity to get outdoors!
She loves these stinkin' things.
Trying out the big girl swings for the first time
Daddy had today off so we went to Zilker Park for a few hours!
A whole play ground and she wants to play in the dirt.
Riding the choo choo! She could do this all. day. long.

Independent baby wants to do it herself
Looks like she's about to do battle...
Oh, just grabbin' a little lunch and have to stop to ride a cow.
Perfect day with my little family!
If you're in Austin, GO OUTSIDE! It's too beautiful to waste. And if you're not here, I feel so bad for you :)

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