Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dear Zoo

Every time I'm in San Diego I want to go to the zoo. Pretty sure my family is sick of it. But I love it! It never gets old to me. So I was super excited to take Em there for the first time. It was a gorgeous day and the animals were all so active. Perfect day!
At first she wasn't too sure about this place... 
But then she realized it was just like her favorite Ba at home!
And then she was all smiles. Cute, super cheesy smiles
Watching the polar bears was one of her favorite parts of the day.
Hey, come back here! 
The gorillas were getting fed!
He was angry and she got scared.
As the day went on, she got pretty tired without a nap. She cried and cried in the stroller so we switched to the Ergo. Where she played with my face. And hair.
And, of course, she finally falls asleep when we're ready to go.
So we walked around the park for an hour just to keep her asleep.
Her lip cracked me up! 
We let her pick out an animal in the gift shop. We were surprised that she actually had a preference! We'd show her a toy and she'd hold it, think about it, then go "Uh uh" and shake her head and hand it back. Until we got to this huge monkey and she is in love with him. His name is Uh Oh (idk why...) and he goes everywhere with us now.
Oh, San Diego Zoo, thanks for a wonderful day!

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