Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall has arrived!

Here in Texas, we don't experience that thing known as "seasons" the way other people do. It's mostly hot, hotter, oh-my-gosh-I'm-dying hot, and slightly less hot. But this weekend we got a rare blessing - a wonderful fall day. Just a little chill in the air, perfect for sweaters and boots.

We also got another wonderful blessing, our sweet family friends drove up from Houston to spend the weekend with us. We took advantage of both those things to make a trip to Sweet Berry Farms. We went last year, but this year was so much more fun now that Em is big enough to really enjoy it. We spent all afternoon playing in the pumpkins, jumping on the bouncy thing, going on hayrides and feeding goats. It was a perfect day! Which means, of course, we took entirely way too many photos. Behold:

For some reason, she thought the pumpkins were hilarious. She kept laughing at them.
So many sweet baby kisses!
I don't know why she holds her arm out like that, but it cracks us up.
Best 25 cents we spent all day.
Mama... so heavy!
Emma LOVED listening to the live piano music. And dancing, of course.

This jumpy thing scared me to death. Emma on it scared other parents, too. She's fearless.
She got some serious air on that thing.
Love her. 
They're going to be best friends.

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  1. So many wonderful photographs! Thank you for sharing. I loved the one of her with the white pumpkins and the very last one where she's walking with her little friend is so sweet. Looks like you guys had a great time.