Friday, October 3, 2014

Happiest place on earth!

As we planned our trip, we knew we were going to the zoo and wanted to do one other activity. We debated Sea World, Legoland and Disneyland. Early on we ruled out Disney, thinking it would be too expensive and she wouldn't remember it anyway.

But the week before our trip I talked to several mommy friends who had recently done Disney with little ones and they said their kiddos totally loved it. And then we unexpectedly got Zoo tickets for free, so we decided to go ahead and splurge on Disney. We figured that sure, she won't remember it, but we sure will.

Hans had never been and the last time I (or my dad, for that matter!) went, I was Emma's age. We were really glad he was able to get the day off work and go with us. We had a wonderful time and sure enough, Em loved it. More than the zoo, I think. The zoo was just kind of looking and observing, but Disney was more doing - perfect for Punkito.

My dad kept suggesting that we sneak off and go on an adult ride while he played with Em, but we were having too much fun with her to want to leave! It was a perfect time of year to go - it wasn't too hot and the crowds were pretty manageable. I don't think we waited more than 20 minutes for any ride and we got to go on so many!

I had done some research before hand on the rides because I didn't want a repeat of Schlitterbahn (picking a ride others said she'd be ok on and her freaking out). I also downloaded an app on my phone that let me bookmark rides we wanted to go on and it would give us a realtime update of how long the wait was. Helpful! She was a little scared on the first few rides, but warmed up pretty quickly and by the end she didn't want to go.

I'm so glad we went - it really was one of the happiest days ever.
First up, King Arthur's Carousel. She seemed excited until it started moving and then she was NOT happy. Hans ended up having to hold her for the rest of the ride.
Haha, we kept ourselves entertained while we waited. This is my dad's "not amused" face

It's a Small World was probably her favorite ride of the day. She kept pointing at things and going "ooooOOOo" and "ohhhh!" It was pretty cool!

Haha, my little strong baby. Her face cracks me up
Toon Town was really fun to explore! She loved all the little buildings. So many things to touch and explore
She liked this piano so much it was a problem. She actually got upset when other kids tried to play on it.
Don't know why we were laughing, but I love this pic
Dad, don't kill me for posting this one, but it was just too funny. So many things going on in this picture.
Jungle Cruise was also at the top of her favorites list for the days. Lots of "oohs" and "aahs"
Tarzan's Treehouse
She sure loves her Bapa!
Mom. Stop with the pictures.

Not pictured: Hans and I *did* sneak in one adult ride because Splash Mountain had ZERO line. We were gone 10 minutes and we came back and my dad is looking sheepish and Em's grinning while holding a stuffed Pooh doll. Hahaha, he is SO wrapped around her finger. The Pooh ride and the Enchanted Tiki Lounge were the other big hits of the day. As we left the Pooh ride, she kept looking over her shoulder and pointing back at it and she bounced her cute booty all over the place to the tiki music. Also, Dole Whips. Enough said.

Disney, you have my heart. And my kid's.

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  1. I am a huge Disney fan for families of all configurations.