Monday, October 20, 2014

Mama Monday: Toddler freezer meal club

Happy Monday, mamas!

Today I am excited to tell you about a new little project our mama group started - freezer meals for littles. We were talking a few weeks ago about how we get into food ruts for our toddlers, giving them the same things over and over again and how hard it is to come up with things on the go.
So we decided to get together this week and cook up a bunch of freezable yummies for the little ones. Here's what we learned:
  • it works really well to have each person pick two recipes. We made each person responsible for ingredients for their recipes and then we all shared staples like salt, cinnamon, etc.
  • don't try and cook it with three toddlers running around. Jeez. We decided that next time, we will just make them on our own and meet to exchange.
  • it takes a while, but it really helps with freezer burn if you wrap each thing in saran wrap and then put them in tupperware or gallon-size ziplock freezer bags.
  • it helps if the recipes you're making are somewhat similar - two breakfast items, both use ground beef, etc. That way you can share ingredients between the two and cook the same method, etc.
Baby H. was such a big help in the kitchen
Here's the recipes we used this time:
baked oatmeal cups (we just added raisins, but you could have fun with the mix-ins!)
corn dog muffins (we added shredded zucchini and whole corn kernels to the corn bread muffins and just sliced up organic hot dogs to stick in the batter).
chicken and corn patties (we used turkey because HEB was out of ground chicken).

So far, it seems the oatmeal cups have been the biggest hit with all three kids. Though I threw a spinach pancake in my bag before church this morning and my kid happily noshed her way through stake conference. The applesauce muffin saw us through the outlet malls last night and we took some corn dog muffins for Em when we went out to eat last week. I haven't tried the rice/bean ones yet, but it's all things she likes so I'm sure it'll be a hit, too.
Have you tried any kiddie freezer meals? Send me your tips and recommended recipes!

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