Saturday, October 4, 2014

Family photos and everything else

Before we left, we went down to the beach so my dad could take some family photos for us. Photos with an energetic toddler are near impossible. And the sun was a little too strong, so they didn't turn out fantastic. But I'm glad that we have them.
One week in California and she became a perfect, model beach baby
Dat tongue!
These two together is one of the best things ever.
So glad Bapa is her best friend.
And I don't really know where else to put the rest of the photos from our trip, so I'm just going to drop them here. You're welcome ;)
My cute little baby's foot. Squee.
Crazy girl
Even in California we kept our PF Chang's birthday tradition.
She wasted no time making herself right at home at Bapa's house
Including wearing his shoes around the house
You can actually play in the backyard in California! And my cute cousin Ashlie came to play.
Our last dinner at Pacific Coast Grill. Amazing. Thanks so much dad!
The sure sign of a good trip? This the entire way to the airport. Yessssss.
And that was our trip! It was really wonderful and the perfect first family vacation.

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