Thursday, April 16, 2015

A little look at lately

I got a little pre-occupied with printables lately, didn't I? So I figured the best way to break that up would be a slew of cute pictures of my kid. Tune out now if you're not into that kind of thing.
The kid has been so accident prone lately. Look at those knees and all that dirt!
And she tripped over her own feet and had, I swear, a dent in her head.
She LOVES wearing her backpack to Tot School.
She also loves running away from me. And it takes forever to catch up with her.
But she's so dang cute it's hard to be mad at her.
Finish a perfect day with ice cream! Eating all of mommy's, of course.
It rained all Saturday so we hung out at the Children's Museum. We love this new statue they put out front!
She was really interested in this electrical exhibit for the first time. You connect the wires and it makes a pig spin.
And this new magnetic thing! She kept going back to it.
But her favorite part will always be these hoppy things. We should have gotten her one. We couldn't tear her out of the room.
Oh, what a ham. "Up? Please? Help?"
I have been having a bit of a hard time getting her to eat lately. Unless she's not supposed to be eating it and thinks she's sneaking it....
Or it's mom or dad's corn on the cob. Who knew she would love that one so much?
Her favorite thing right now is playing in the backyard. Especially with daddy.
Her other favorite thing is dancing. Girl gets down! (the end is my favorite part)

Some of the less fun things lately... tantrums. Like throwing cheerios all over the floor. Repeatedly. Any food works for her.
And then there's this. She hit me and then was crying because I was hurt. What?
But totally fake. Because this was literally 30 seconds later. Such a faker.
And that's us. For now :)

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