Thursday, April 9, 2015

Our little Easter

Whew. It has been a crazy week! But today was awesome (tot school, my computer is finally fixed, Em took an unheard-of THREE HOUR nap, and we got TCBY for dessert) and I'm in a good mood. And had a little time finally to look over the pics I took of our little Easter celebration.
Em's Easter basket! We really limit her sugar intake and don't let her have it often, so Easter Baskets take some creativity. This year she got her first sidewalk chalk, a new sippy cup with a crazy straw, a pinwheel, necklace, and some shovels to use (with the basket) at the playground! Oh, and one small thing of M&ms. I'm not totally heartless.
Daddy helping Em put on her new necklace.
The necklace has a moon and says "Love you to the moon and back." It's one of her favorite books to read with daddy.
M&Ms for breakfast. #momfail
At least she shared with Daddy. So sweet
Daddy got a basket, too. Mostly just Cadbury Cream Eggs... his favorite! Smart Easter bunny ;)
And then we had a little Easter egg hunt in the backyard. She had so much fun collecting the eggs and was so proud to fill her basket. It was so fun to watch.
Uh, that basket got heavy!
I think she likes the new chalk
Hope you all had wonderful, Happy Easters, too.

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