Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cute little "cousins"

To distract Em from the fact that Bapa left, we made a quick trip to the Woodlands to visit Mimi and PaPaw! It was too short, but Em got to have fun with her little "cousin" Ryan.

We visited the splash pad at Market Street because it was a HOT day! Em was a little hesitant at first, but her natural bravery eventually came out.
Loved seeing these two play together
Look at that smile!!
She stayed like this for a while, but the water never came out! The 'rents were all very disappointed.
Didn't stop her from finding a different one and sticking her head in it.
After we dried up, she was uninterested in Z Gallerie. But she found a way to keep entertained.
They found pulling leaves off this bush so amusing. And you may notice she's got a bit of a bossy streak these days...
After church I got some sweet baby kisses. Totally makes my life.
It was a fun little weekend and now that we are home (and Bapa's no longer here) we are sure missing all our family!

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