Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bapa visits!

One of the bad parts of my dad's job is that it requires him to travel a lot. I know he misses my mom and has a hard time sleeping in hotels. One of the good parts of his job is that it requires him to travel a lot - and a lot of time that travel brings him through Texas. Em has been so lucky to get to see her best friend about every other month.

This time we got him for almost a week! Em was in heaven.
Pinkies up!
Real men spend Friday nights having tea parties. With a baby who doesn't want to put on pants.
My dad renewed Em's thinkery membership for her birthday, so of course we had to go with him. We are loving all the new exhibits they have added lately!
You put pieces of pool noodle with paper propellors in this wind tunnel and it shoots them up. We spent a loooot of time at this one.
A rocket launcher!! This thing was cool.
Daddy liked it as much as Em did.
More fun with wind - ping pong balls in twisty wind tubess 
The giant lite bright room is always a success
Kid, I don't care where we are. I WILL put you in time out when you thump other kids.
Playing with shadows.
A little dinner on SoCo... didn't know there was a car show that evening and it was sooo packed.
Clowning around at lunch
She loves painting, and she loved it even more with Bapa
My dad taught her how to wear her baby hahaha
We went to Toys R Us and I thought I would never tear them out of this car.
Em has been asking for Bapa every morning. Can't wait for him to come back.

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