Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spiritual Thought: FHE and Toddlers

I've been thinking a lot lately about General Conference. I felt like there was a particular emphasis on families and the responsibility parents have to teach the Gospel to their children. This is definitely an area where I feel like we can improve.

We have been having "family home evening" with Emma since she was very little, but I use that term lightly. It lasts maybe 10 minutes max and usually involves a song (or singing "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" 10 times in a row) and then we have been going through the Book of Mormon videos on the Mormon Channel.
Sidebar: Monday night, we were watching Captain Moroni Defeats Zerahemnah. After the video, we try to ask Emma some questions about what was in the video.
"What did you see?" we asked her.
She proudly responds, "Nipples!"
... well, she's not wrong...

Anyway... back on topic. We want to make FHE a little more meaningful. We've come up with a list of topics to cover for the rest of the year and I'm looking into making felt board images to go with each topic. Here's our topic list - please let me know if you have suggestions for ideas or activities that will make this more engaging and fun for our little one!

  1. Heavenly Father
  2. Jesus Christ
  3. Holy Ghost
  4. My Body
  5. How to pray/be reverent
  6. Being thankful
  7. Saying i’m sorry
  8. Telling the Truth
  9. Love everyone
  10. Night and day
  11. Sky, earth, sea
  12. Plants and trees
  13. Sun, moon, and stars
  14. Birds and fish
  15. Animals
  16. Sabbath Day
  17. Adam and Eve
  18. Plan of salvation
  19. Jonah and the whale
  20. Daniel and the lion's den
  21. Noah’s ark
  22. David and goliath
  23. Baptism
  24. Sacrament
  25. First vision
  26. The Prophets
  27. Families can be together forever
  28. Nephi retrieves the plates
  29. Tree of life and iron rod
  30. Moroni and title of liberty
  31. Moses 10 commandments/red sea
  32. Wise man and foolish man
  33. Lost sheep

Also wanted: Suggestions for family scripture study. I ordered this guy because I remember using it when we were kids. Any other good "toddler friendly" scripture study helps? Thanks!

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