Wednesday, April 16, 2014

365 BoM Challenge

One of my main goals and motivations in transitioning to a SAHM has been to teach my child about the Gospel and help find ways to bring the Spirit into our home. I'm still figuring out ways to work on that with her (and I would love to hear your suggestions!), but I'm finding that one of the main means to accomplish this end is to increase my personal study and understanding of the Gospel. So every week I'll share just a little bit about what I have been studying that week. It helps that I'm currently serving as the Teaching For Our Times teacher in Relief Society, so expect to see some thoughts from those lessons, too. I always learn more preparing for the lesson than I'm sure the women learn when I teach it.

But to kick things off, I wanted to share something neat that I have been doing since Jan. 1. Many of you know I'm a wee bit addicted to Instagram. Thankfully, a genius LDS couple in Arizona is using that addiction to help me read!

Follow @bofm365 on Instagram for a daily reading "assignment" and participate in discussion in the comments section. So far, I've been able to stay on track and it's really helping! I always putter around on my phone while nursing and use the LDS library app on my phone to read right then. It's been great. I bet if you start now, you could catch up in no time. Give it a try!

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