Thursday, April 24, 2014

Love list: More cute Little One and other things I'm drooling over

*Edited 4/27/14 - I don't know why the video didn't show up before! It should be there now.
1.  Em's new swimsuit
We had our first pool playdate of 2014 today and I got to bust out Punkito's new swimsuit. How cute is that?!? I die.
2. Spinning
Our little one can be quite serious. It's hard to really get her cracking up. But this week we discovered one sure way to give her the giggle - she LOVES to spin around in circles with mommy or daddy! Big huge grin on her face the whole time. The best part, of course, is watching her try and walk afterward ;)

3. Freshly Picked moccasins
How cute are these little shoes from Freshly Picked? One of my oldest friends has a daughter just a little older than Em who I follow (slash stalk) on Instagram and she has a pair of these. They are the cutest shoes!! I am trying to convince Hans why I need to spend $60 on them...
Look at the coral ones! Oooh, no, the polka dot ones... no the Aruba... or maybe the Glacier?? ahhhh, I want them all!

4. Haircut
Um, embarrassing: I haven't cut my hair since before Em was born. Like... at all. I know, gross, right? I'm just afraid to! I can probably count on one hand how many times I've had a haircut I like. It almost always goes awry. And let's be honest, I'm lazy. So I need the most low-maintenance style possible.
I'm dying to get my haircut like this, but wonder if my stick-straight, won't-hold-a-curl hair would look ok. Do you think it would take a lot of styling everyday? Especially for me, the styling dummy? I need a person stylist (Deb Palmer, where are you?!)

5. Master bedroom makeover
I have this terrible itch to do home improvement stuff. We did a bunch of stuff last week, but not the fun kind. We cleaned and organized the pantry (boo) and installed a new water heater (double boo) and did a bunch of deep spring cleaning.

But what I *really* want to do is makeover our bedroom. I'm thinking ... new paint, a cozy reading chair, a fun rug, and a bench for the end of the bed would be a good start. Who wants to sponsor my room makeover?
1. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue 2. A trio of bw photos for over the bed? 3. Safavieh Soho rug 4. Target tufted chair 5. Target end of bed bench


  1. i am in LOVE with her suit! also, im not styling guru, but i uhhhh-dore that haircut so yep there's my semi useless opinion on that haha

    1. Thanks! and if it's got your stamp of approval, maybe I'll give it a try. Maybe you're going to have to hold my hand while they chop it all...

  2. i'm dying for an any-room makeover! it's like my life's dream to win an UO or anthro sweepstakes. also, who's rad pool is that!? lets play this summer cause i'm coming!!!

    1. whaaaa??? When?! Yay!! I'm so excited. The pool belongs to the Edwards(es? is that how you write that?) and I'm sure we can invite ourselves over. Can't wait to see you!