Monday, April 21, 2014

Food for littles: Beyond Cheerios

Welcome to food for littles. I'm constantly trying to find different foods to try so that Punkito gets plenty of variety and nutrition. My qualifications are decently healthy and easy to pick up - she's an independent little one! If you're looking for toddler food ideas, hopefully you can get some inspiration from these galleries. And PLEASE - add your suggestions below. I find that we get into food ruts and eat the same thing over and over again. Right about now we could use some more ideas, so please send them!

Top L-R: avocado, brown rice, corn, black beans; cheese and avocado quesadilla and extra avocado; hard-boiled egg, rice pasta, strawberries
Middle: cheese, shredded carrot, whole wheat apple muffin, mango/strawberry fruit roll-up; mango and strawberry slices, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato puffs, cottage cheese; turkey hummus roll-up, zucchini and apple
Bottom: scrambled eggs and celery (and a jar of pears and blueberries just to make sure she gets SOMETHING in her tummy - she's not been eating much lately!); blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and a whole wheat English muffin (this was actually both her and my meal - we split it :)); hardboiled egg, cheese, turkey and cuties

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