Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First Easter Egg Hunt

While it wasn't technically Emma's first Easter, she was so teeny for her first one that I feel like this one counts as the first "real" one :)

Easter basket review:
  • LOVES the koosh ball duck. Seriously, Target dollar bin for the win!!
  • Loves the sippy cup and is drinking so much water I have to change her twice as often now.
  • Not too interested in the bubbles or the bunny, which I'm bummed about because the bunny is so cute and perfect carrying size! I actually think she subscribes to the "bigger is better" mentality for stuffed animals.
  • Favorite part of the Easter basket? That cheesy, fake pink "grass," of course.
Easter egg hunt:
This was so much more fun than we though it would be! We just scattered the eggs in our backyard and she went right for them!
At first she just kind of shook them and listened to the bunny grahams rattling around inside, but once we showed her how to put them in the basket, she did great. She'd pick up three or four, put them in her basket, dump them all out, and go find some new ones. This process repeated several times.
And how cute is her Easter dress? Her Mimi buys her the cutest dresses.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

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