Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More firsts: Petting Zoo and Bounce House

Every April, the town just a little bit south of us holds a Wiener Dog Race Festival. We have gone many times in the past with our little furballs and thought Punkito would enjoy it this year.

We watched a few races (she was confused and disinterested), played on the playground, rode a train, went in the petting zoo, and played in a bounce house.
They had several different inflatable things set up, many involving giant slides, gladiator competitions, dunk contests, etc. The plain jane bounce house was totally empty! So we put Em in it with Daddy. I don't think I would have done it with a bunch of other kids in it, but since it was empty it was perfect. We were not prepared for how much she loved it! She had a HUGE smile on her face the whole time and made happy screeching noises non-stop. Totally worth going.
So we had a great weekend. Oh, and little one is now 14 months old! Can't believe it. Love all her silly faces.

And unfortunately now (and possibly related...) Punkito is sick for the first time. The kid has a pretty awesome immune system - she made it 14 months without getting sick! She threw up pretty badly Sunday night and has been rocking a low-grade fever ever since. Poor kid :(
We're doing lots of Advil, naps, and lots and lots of baby snuggles (the only good part of a sick kiddo). I hate her being sick, but love those baby cuddles.

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