Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ch- ch- ch- changes

Wow. What a week.

One week ago my younger brother moved in with us. It's kind of a long story but it involves self-employment, state income tax, and student loans. We are still adjusting and it's taking some time - it's a big move and so many things to get settled! Not much fun for Punkito but she's handling it well.

Already, there's been some adventure. The second day he was here I was shocked to find a rather large snake in our garage. It completely freaked me out - it was maybe three feet long and fairly thick around. It had gotten its head stuck on one of those super sticky roach strips that our bug folks put in the garage. Josh earned his keep by hacking it up with a shovel. He has pictures, but I'm not posting them because I don't want to have to look at them. Ask him if you want to see.

There's also been a late night ER run. Here's what you need to know about Josh: He's accident prone. When he was a child, our parents were on a first-name basis with the nurses at the ER because he was there so much. Fingers slammed in doors, bruising from running into a parked fire truck, stitches from standing on a basketball, stitches from diving from the toilet into the tub - and those are just the highlights. At 18, he managed to shattered his foot in something like 20 pieces while jumping in a moon bounce. So on his third night here, he christened Austin ERs after a mishap at the gym. Luckily just three stitches this time.
We did manage to sneak in our Saturday tradition - mural and breakfast. This mural is one of Austin's most famous and it's next door to the dorm I lived in as a freshman. Kinda cool to be taking my daughter back to that spot.
Belly button!
And there was not one, but two, trips to Ikea. Fortunately, she had so much fun there. And Josh kept her entertained in the car.
So it's been a crazy busy week. Lots of fun, a little stressful, and a whole lot of crazy. But we are so happy to have him here. Punkito just loves him and I like having another adult to talk to during the day. Once we get him all settled, it's just going to be 24/7 party over here, peeps. Come join the fun.

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